About Phenom Phactory

The Phenom Phactory is a movement-based program designed to make athletes more dynamic and explosive. Our program will teach athletes to move more efficiently and increase their overall athletic ability. We believe better athletes make better players and our goal is to build championship caliber athletes.

The Phenom Phactory program is based on proven training philosophies that have been developed over many years with athletes of all ages. Our program is effective, it replicates the movements required to play any sport. The stages of development are organized so that the youngest athletes will be able to see progress while the most advanced and talented athletes will be challenged mentally and physically every workout.

The teaching hierarchy of the Phenom Phactory Program is progressive and sequential. This means the athletes will be taught the necessary movements on the playing surface and when called for, in the weight room as well. Once they master the proper technique, they will then work on developing the speed of the movement and the loads required to develop peak athleticism.

This program is unique because it looks beyond the ‘stronger is better’ mentality. While developing strength is an important component of any program, it’s not our end goal because we’re making dynamic athletes, not weight lifters. Participating in our movement-based program will help ensure that the athletes train, practice, and compete at the highest level.
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